Item# Pony 15ft Band Clamp

Item# Pony 15ft Band Clamp

This classic Pony band clamp is small, lightweight, and easy to work with, featuring a high-strength band made of nylon webbing, four plastic corners to clamp miter joints, and a positive-hold, self-locking aluminum cam and ratcheting handle for instant release. A black, rust-resistant finish is applied to the steel frame for added durability. It’s ideal for round, rectangular, square, irregular or awkward shaped clamping projects 15 feet of 1 inch width high-strength nylon webbing Four corners are furnished to assist in clamping mitered joints and to protect the nylon band from sharp corners. Positive hold is afforded by the self locking aluminum cam which also allows instant release Load limit is 450kgs.

  • High strength nylon webbing band.
  • Four plastic corners for clamping miter joints
  • Positive hold, self-locking aluminum cam w/ratcheting handle


  • Item#1215
  • Band length: 15 ft
  • Band width: 1inch
  • Loading capacity: 450kgs
  • Qty/box: 6


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