Item# 25104S 10″ 3HP Cabinet Table Saw with Sliding Table

Item# 25104S 10″ 3HP Cabinet Table Saw with Sliding Table

  • 10'' 3HP Cabinet Table Saw with Sliding Table Model: 25104S
  • 10'' 3HP Cabinet Table Saw with Sliding Table Model: 25104S
  • 10'' 3HP Cabinet Table Saw with Sliding Table Model: 25104S

Chansen 25104S 10″ 3HP Professional Table Saw is ideally suited to handling large panels. It features state-of-art designs and engineering, robust structure, left tilting, powerful drive and transmission system, wonderful fit and finish, high accuracies and stability, silky smooth operation and use-friendly arrangements.

It comes with 1200mm sliding table as standard, which can update this table saw to have capacity of small sliding table panel saw. The main table and outrigger table are anodized and precision machined, made of T-6 aluminum alloy. The telescopic cross cut fence can swing 60° right and left, measure up to 1530mm. Built-in flip stops are convenient for repeat cuts.

25104S comes with massive and precision ground cast iron main table, and left & right extension wings. The main table is mounted on the heavy-duty, one-piece steel cabinet minimize vibration during operation. The powerful 3HP induction motor provides strong and continuous power during the cutting.

The rip fence is T-square type, aluminum fence plate can be set in high or low position. Meanwhile the fence’s verticality and parallelism can be adjusted easily via 4 set screws on fence slider, providing the high accurate cutting. The front steel rail top has a stainless steel strip, the rip fence is able to slide on it super smoothly even you use a finger to push it slightly.

The front-installed adjustment handwheels for cutting height and blade tilting provides most convenient operation in the front of the machine. What’s more, a big clock-type blade angle indicator between the handwheels helps you read the blade angle quickly.

25104S efficiently collects saw dust on table top and cabinet inside. The blade guard has built-in over-arm dust collection system, provides the clean cut above the table. The internal dust shroud design helps to remove the dust efficiently and keep the cabinet inside clean. Both of them are connected to the 100mm dust port on cabinet.

The blade guard has patented quick release design. Once you need to saw without the blade guard, you can take the guard off the riving knife in a few seconds.

25104S includes a miter gauge, standard insert, Dado insert, accessory hook and push stick as standard.

Optional accessories include following: Router table attachment, mobile base, Leitz enhanced sawblade, 8” Daod blade set…


  • Robust construction with high rigidity and longer-lasting stability
  • Powerful 2.2kw induction motor
  • Sliding table with 1240mm crosscut capacity
  • Precision ground cast iron main table and extension wings
  • Main table is mounted on the heavy-duty, one-piece steel cabinet
  • Cast iron cabinet-mounted trunnion
  • Front-installed handwheels for blade tilting and up & down
  • Front clock-type blade angle indicator
  • Aluminum high-low rip fence system
  • Front steel rail has stainless steel strip providing smooth sliding of rip fence
  • Blade guard has quick release design
  • Built-in over-arm dust collection system makes cut clean above the table
  • Dust shroud under blade makes cabinet inside clean
  • Safety switch with big stop pedal
  • 100mm dust port on cabinet
  • Includes miter gauge and Dado insert
  • Voltage: 220v, single phase
  • Motor: 2.2kw
  • Arbor size: 15.88mm (5/8”)
  • Arbor speed: 4000 rpm
  • Blade dia.: 250mm
  • Blade tilting: Left 0-45°
  • Max.cutting depth at 90°: 79mm
  • Max.cutting depth at 45°: 56mm
  • Max.rip, Right of blade: 762mm
  • Max.rip, Left of blade: 1530mm
  • Main work table size: 508 x 685mm
  • Extension wing size (2): 254 x685mm
  • Worktable height: 900mm
  • Foot print: 530 x630mm
  • Dust port on cabinet: 100mm
  • Max.Dado dia.: 203mm
  • Max.width of Dado: 20.6mm

Sliding table attachment

  • Main sliding table size: 225 x1200mm
  • Extension table size: 225 x600mm
  • Maximum table travel: 1540mm
  • Maximum crosscut capacity: 1240mm
  • Telescopic cross cut fence range: 1200 – 2100mm
  • Crosscutting fence overall length: 1090mm
  • Miter angle range: -60°~ 60°
  • Positive stops: -60°, -45°, -30°, -22.5°, -15°, 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°, 60°
  • Flip stops: 2


  • Overall dimensions: 2360 x1200 x1390mm
  • Machine weight: 200kgs
  • Packing dimensions:1000 x750 x740mm (Saw body),                                                                    1680 x410 x160mm (Fence and Rail), 1270 x 300 x 250mm (Sliding table)
  • Shipping weight: 230kgs

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