Item# CD63 25″ Heavy Duty Thicknessing Machine

Item# CD63 25″ Heavy Duty Thicknessing Machine

Our CD63 planer is exactly for extreme duty! This machine is solidly built weighing a massive 850kgs, standard with a 5.5kw motor, with power up/down control for the table and variable speed feed. And there’s more! The bed rollers on this machine are power driven and adjustable for height when planing rough cut lumber. Segmented chip breakers and four knife or spiral cutterhead means you get the best possible finish. This machine is a great investment because of its’ impressive features.




  • Precision-ground cast iron worktable
  • Powerful 5.5kw/3ph main motor for extreme heavy duty cutting
  • Spacious worktable up&down on four precision columns for high accuracy and stability
  • Rear pressure bar maintains even force on the workpiece
  • Double outfeed  roll design helps maintain positive feeding under all conditions, it also eliminate the snap at the end
  • Variable feeding speed from 0-10m/min makes great working capacity on wide stock range
  • Table elevation is controlled by digital programable controller, make the elevation quicker and more accurate
  • Standard with 4-piece HSS blades cutterhead
  • 100mm dust port
  • Main power switch and emergency switch for safety
  • Main motor: 5.5kw
  • Feeding motor: 0.55kw
  • Elevation motor: 0.25kw
  • Cutterhead dia.: 120mm
  • Cutterhead speed: 5000rpm
  • Blade number: 4 HSS
  • Worktable size: 1050mm x630mm
  • Max. thicknessing depth per pass: 8mm
  • Max. stock thickness: 300mm
  • Min. stock thickness: 15mm
  • Max. stock width: 630mm
  • Qty of outfeeding roller: 2
  • Feeding speed: Variable speed, 0-10m/min
  • Packing dimensions: 1245mm x1200mm x1330mm
  • Shipping weight: 880kgs

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