Item# CX0949 9″x49″ Universal Milling Machine with R8 Spindle and Tilting Head

Item# CX0949 9″x49″ Universal Milling Machine with R8 Spindle and Tilting Head

CX0949 is a classic universal milling machine with precision casting structure. It’s big size worktable (9" x49") providing big milling capacity than CX0942. CX0949 features standard precision R8 spindle with 16 step speeds, universal head swivel and tilting, powerful 2.2kw spindle motor, hardened and ground casting table, precision leadscrews, built-in coolant system, etc…It can meet all serious milling for the workshops. What’s more, CX0949 has more options to make the milling more efficient and enjoyable. Check out the features and specs to know more our CX0949 milling machine.



  • Hardened and ground casting table
  • Heavy-duty casting structure for precision milling
  • ±90°milling head swivel (left/right)
  • ±45°milling head tilting
  • Standard R8 spindle
  • 16 steps of spindle speed
  • 2kw(3hp) spindle motor
  • Multiple saddle, knee, table, and ram locks for high rigidity
  • Hardened and precision ground leadscrews
  • Precision ground and hand-scraped guide ways
  • High-presentation spindle with P4 class ball bearings
  • Chromed handles for the worktable and lifting
  • Manual lubrication
  • Built-in coolant tank in casting base
  • Halogen worklight


Optional equipments:

  • Variable milling head
  • Power feed for Longitudinal and cross movements
  • Digital readout
  • ISO 40 spindle
  • Machine vice
  • R8 collet chuck and collets
  • Oil collecting plate
  • Plastic splash guard
  • Guide way protection
  • Electronic lubrication system
  • Table size: 230mm x1246mm (9″ x49″)
  • Longitudinal travel of table: 840mm (33″)
  • Cross travel of table: 305mm (12″)
  • Vertical travel: 350mm (13-3/4″)
  • T-slot numbers and size: 3 x16mm (5/8″)
  • Ram travel: 315mm (12-3/8″)
  • Distance between the spindle nose and table surface: 350mm (13-3/4″)
  • Spindle taper: R8
  • Spindle travel: 127mm (5″)
  • Spindle speed: 16 steps
  • Spindle feed: 0.04/0.08/0.15mm/rev (0.0015″/0.003″/0.006″/rev)
  • Spindle motor: 2.2kw (3hp)
  • Head swivel: 90°
  • Head tilting: 45°
  • Packing dimensions: 1400mm x1476mm x2030mm (55-1/8″x58″x78″)
  • Gross weight: 1060kgs

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