Item# CZ25 Vertical Geared Head Drilling Machine with 28mm Drilling Capacity and Auto Thread Tapping

Item# CZ25 Vertical Geared Head Drilling Machine with 28mm Drilling Capacity and Auto Thread Tapping

Our CZ25 is a heavy duty geared head drilling machine with a 0.85/1.1kw, 2 speed motor, a 98mm column diameter, and a 28mm drilling capacity in cast iron or 25mm in steel. The geared head is equipped with a forward/reverse switch, 12 spindle speeds from 75–3200 RPM, convenient quick-change gearbox controls for spindle speed, and a MT#3 spindle taper. With a spindle travel of 130mm, this machine can handle whatever comes its way. The 380mmx380mm worktable tilts 45 degrees left and right, and has a vertical travel of 700mm. Both head and table are mounted on independent rack and pinions for ultimate positioning versatility. Two 14mm width T-slots are located on both table and base for added usability.



  • Gear box, tables are made by high quality cast iron
  • Strength spindle is supported by heavy duty tapered roller bearings
  • Thread tapping with auto reverse
  • 12 drilling speeds 75-3200rpm, 0.85kw/1.1kw 2-speed motor
  • Spindle can be locked at any position
  • Precision gears for extreme low noise
  • Worktable could be rotated and could inclined ±45°
  • Manual lifting of worktable
  • Rack & pinion table & drill head
  • Adjustable accurate depth setting for increased productivity
  • Forward/reverse & safety stop switches
  • Swivel safety drilling chuck guard
  • T slotted work table and base
  • Keyed drill chuck and arbor
  • Built-in worklamp
  • drilling and tapping capacity: 28mm, M22
  • Spindle travel: 130mm
  • Distance between spindle center and column surface: 250mm
  • distance between spindle nose and worktable: 700mm
  • Distance between spindle nose and base: 1220mm
  • travel of worktable: 700mm
  • Spindle taper: MT#3
  • Spindle speed: 75-3200rpm
  • Spindle speed steps: 12
  • Column diameter: 98mm
  • Worktable size: 380mm x380mm
  • Swivel angle of worktable:±45°
  • Base size: 3600mm x535mm

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