Item# CZX40 Drilling&Milling Machine with Geared and Tilting Head, 40mm Drilling & 80mm Milling Capacity

Item# CZX40 Drilling&Milling Machine with Geared and Tilting Head, 40mm Drilling & 80mm Milling Capacity

The CZX40 drilling and milling machines is a 6-speed 75-1600rpm, gear driven head which can be tilted up to 90º either side of the vertical, rotated 360 º around the column. This feature allows the head to be positioned in a variety of positions, allowing a whole range of milling, slotting, grooving, drilling and boring operations to be made. The usual handle-driven down feed is available for precision drilling, and a fine manual down-feed hand-wheel controls the precision vertical milling. The 1.1kw motor is controlled by a standard forward &reverse on/off switch. There is a heavy duty steel stand available as an optional equipment which strongly recommended bearing in mind the weight of the machine. Also there has an optional power feed attachment which fits to the left hand end of the table and provides a smooth, variable speed longitudinal drive. Our CZX40 is a serious drill/mill machine for those who need a precision machine, also heavy-duty enough to get the projects done quickly.



  • Gear driven head 6 speeds
  • Mill head tilts to ±90º from vertical
  • Mill head rotates 360 º around the column
  • Large 730 x 210mm ground work table with T-slots
  • Precision spindle supported by the heavy duty tapered roller bearings
  • Adjustable leadscrew nuts eliminating backlash on both axis
  • Fine feed hand wheel operating quill feed
  • Forward and reverse on/off switch for motor running
  • MT#3 spindle with 75mm diameter quill
  • Adjustable gibs on table
  • Adjustable table and drill length stops
  • Rack and pinion wind-up head
  • Spindle lock for quill
  • Table lock on both axis
  • Metric dial graduations @ 0.05mm for X & Y axis


Optional equipments:

  • Digital readout
  • Spindle guard
  • Steel stand
  • Power feed for worktable
  • Halogen lamp
  • Coolant system
  • Auto feed for spindle
  • 1/1.5kw 2-speed motor (12 steps, 75-3200 rpm)
  • drilling capacity: 40mm
  • face milling capacity: 80mm
  • end milling capacity: 32mm
  • Table size: 730mm x210mm
  • Table longitudinal travel: 500mm
  • Table cross travel: 230mm
  • Table load capacity: 55kgs
  • Spindle taper: MT#3 or MT#4 or R8
  • Spindle travel: 120mm
  • Spindle speed: 6 steps, 75-1600rpm
  • distance between spindle end and table surface: 430mm
  • Max: center distance between spindle and column: 260mm
  • Column diameter: 115mm
  • Head tilt (left~right): ±90°
  • Head swivel: 360 º
  • Motor: 1.1kw
  • T-slot width: 12mm
  • Packing dimensions: 820mm x760mm x1150mm
  • Net weight: 270kgs
  • Gross weight: 300kgs

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