Item# CZX50 Drilling&Milling Machine with Geared Head, Auto Feed Table and Built-in Coolant System

Item# CZX50 Drilling&Milling Machine with Geared Head, Auto Feed Table and Built-in Coolant System

The CZX50 drilling and milling machine has big machine capacity than CZX40H. It futures a 2.2kw motor, 6 drilling speeds from 75-1600rpm, fixed geared head, rack and pinion wind-up table, power feed worktable, power feed spindle, precision spindle with heavy duty tapered roller bearings, ground cast iron table and base, thick walled column, built-in coolant system, etc…These features allow a whole range of milling, slotting, grooving, drilling and boring operations to be made.



  • Gear driven head 6 speeds from 75 to 1600rpm
  • Micro down feed adjustment
  • Large 800 x 240mm ground work table with T-slots
  • Precision MT#4 spindle supported by the heavy duty tapered roller bearings
  • Power feed spindle (4 steps)
  • Swivel spindle guard as standard
  • Adjustable leadscrew nuts eliminating backlash on both axis
  • Power feed of worktable
  • Fine feed hand wheel operating quill feed
  • Thick walled column ensuring greater rigidity
  • Emergency stop switch and overload protection
  • Adjustable gibs on table
  • Adjustable table and drill length stops
  • Rack and pinion wind-up work table
  • Spindle lock for quill
  • Table lock on both axis
  • Built-in coolant system
  • Halogen lamp


Optional equipments:

  • Digital readout
  • Electronic lifting work table
  • Cutting depth digital readout
  • drilling capacity: 50mm
  • face milling capacity: 100mm
  • end milling capacity: 25mm
  • tapping capacity: M33
  • Table size: 800mm x240mm
  • Table longitudinal travel: 650mm
  • Table cross travel: 280mm
  • Spindle taper: MT#4
  • Spindle travel: 180mm (Auto), 210mm (manual)
  • Quill diameter: 100mm
  • Spindle speed: 60-1800rpm
  • Spindle power feed range: 0.1, 0,2, 0.3, 0.4mm/rev
  • distance between spindle end and table surface: 700mm
  • distance between spindle end and base surface: 1290mm
  • Max: center distance between spindle and column: 350mm
  • Column diameter: 160mm
  • Motor: 2.2kw
  • Coolant motor:75w
  • T-slot width: 18mm
  • Machine dimensions: 996mm x1150mm x2334mm
  • Packing dimensions: 1050mm x1200mm x2134mm
  • Net weight: 820kgs
  • Gross weight: 870kgs

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