Item# GL03 German Leitz Scoring Blade 120mmx24T

Item# GL03 German Leitz Scoring Blade 120mmx24T



This GL03 Tungsten-carbide tipped scoring blade set is made by Leitz (LMT Tools), a German leading specialist in the field of precision tool technology. GL03 is used on 250mm and 300mm sliding table saws which need wonderful cutting finish, including 2 12-tooth blades and 4 chippers. It features 120mm diameter, 20mm bore, 24 teeth and Max. 19000 RPM. GL03 provides silky smooth cutting and long life in working.


  • Diameter: 120mm
  • Bore size:20mm
  • Max. thickness of saw tips: 3.2mm
  • Min. thickness of saw tips: 2.8mm
  • Blade number: 2
  • Teeth number of single blade: 12
  • Tip material: Tungsten-carbide
  • Chipper number: 4
  • Thickness of single chipper: 1mm
  • Max. speed: 19000 rpm

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