Item# CDD22 3HP Dust Collector

Item# CDD22 3HP Dust Collector

This 2.2kw Dust Collector is designed to capture dust and wood chips from multiple woodworking machines at the same time.The dust and shavings are sucked through the impeller fan blade and then fall into the lower collectionbag, the air being exhausted through the top filter bag, collecting some of the fine dust on the way. This type of extraction shifts huge volumes of air at low pressure and they are very efficient at removing bulk waste such from table saws, planers and jointers... The fine filtration efficiency can be improved by fitting anoptional filter cartridge instead of the filter bag.



  • 3x Ø100mm dust ports
  • Ø100mm inlet
  • Air suction capacity: 2300 CFM
  • Portable on wheels
  • Handles on machine for convenient moving
  • Quick-action clamps on filter & collection bags
  • 30 Micron filter bags
  • Plastic dust collection bags with total 307 liters capacity
  • Ideal for multiple extraction applications
  • Powerful 3hp/2.2kw motor
  • Magnetic safety switch
  • Powder coating paint
  • Floor size: 1550mm x740mm
  • Machine height: 1930mm
  • Machine weight: 51kgs
  • Packing dimensions: 1160mm x560mm x570mm
  • Shipping weight: 56kgs
  • Optional 100mm x2m dust hose

Optional CF510A filter cartridge with following features:

  • Increases filtering area by 700%
  • 1 Micron filtration
  • Rotary hand-wheel for manual cleaning the filter
  • Ø510mm x 610mm high


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