Item# CDD22A 3HP Dust Collector with 1 Micron Filter Cartridge

Item# CDD22A 3HP Dust Collector with 1 Micron Filter Cartridge

  • CDD22A 3HP Dust Collector with 1 Micron Filter Cartridge

This dust extractor is designed to capture dust and wood chips from multiple woodworking machines at the same time. It comeswith a powerful 3hp motor, balancedsteel impeller, Ø100mm dust ports (3), upper 1 micron filter cartridges andlower plastic dust collection bags, built-in mobile base. With a filter cartridge rating of 1-micron, the canister filter has a built-in cleaning brush that is easy to operate from the outside. Simply move the convenient top-mounted lever back and forth to remove any dust caked onto the filter, and in seconds you are back to full performance capacity. This unit has three dust ports that allows three100mm lines to be connected simultaneously. The possibility of quick bag replacement and mobility with a built-in wheeled base make our collector very practical. Our CDD22A is exactly correct dust collector for those who need to have really cleaning performance but profitable investment.



  • Powerful 3HP motor and solid construction to effectively handle the collection of wood chips and sawdust
  • 3900CFM air suction capacity
  • Steel impeller is precision balanced and designed for maximum air flow performance
  • Magnetic switch with paddle cap for security
  • 1-micron filter cartridges for extreme filtration capacity
  • Simply turn the handle on the top a half turn in either direction to cleaning the filter cartridge
  • The handle controls cleaning flappers inside and shakes the dust from the filter letting the fine dust fall directly into the collection bag
  • Lower plastic dust collection bags with total 307 liters capacity
  • Quick-action clamps on filter & collection bags
  • Sturdy base with 4 swivel casters for maneuverability
  • 100mm dust ports (2) allow two lines to be connected simultaneously
  • Ideal for multiple extraction applications
  • Powder coating paint
  • Optional 100mm x3m dust hose set
  • Voltage: 230v/50hz/1ph
  • Motor: 3hp
  • Impeller diameter: 300mm
  • Impeller speed: 2850 rpm
  • Inlet diameter: 150mm
  • Dust port size:3 x100mm
  • Air flow: 3900 m3/h
  • Vacuum pressure: 1880 Pa
  • Filter cartridge dia.: 500mm
  • Filter cartridge height.: 625mm
  • Dust collection bag diameter: 500mm
  • Dust collection bag height: 850mm
  • Collector bag capacity: 307 L
  • Switch: Magnetic switch with paddle cap
  • Machine dimensions: 1220mm x570mm x1960
  • Machine weight: 64kgs
  • Packing dimensions: 1160mm x560mm x570mm(machine), 800mm x510mm x510mm (filter cartridge)
  • Shipping weight: 75kgs

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