Item# CJP05 Premium No.5 Low Angle Jack Plane

Item# CJP05 Premium No.5 Low Angle Jack Plane

  • CJP05 Premium No.5 Low Angle Jack Plane
  • Chansen CJP05 Premium No.5 Low Angle Jack Plane


The Chansen CJP05 Premium No.5 Low Angle Jack Plane is one of the most versatile planes. It has a low angle of 12° and a fixed mouth.

The one-piece precision ground plane body is made by high quality cast steel. CJP05 is 67mm wide by 355mm long with a 50mm wide blade. The blade is high quality M2 material and set bevel-up in the milled bed at 12°, giving you maximum support of the cutting edge and a low angle of attack.

The precise depth adjuster, moveable shoe for adjustment of the mouth opening, and the hefty 3mm thickness blade allows you to tackle the most difficult jobs with the power of a jack plane or the finesse of a smoothing plane.

The blade has a quick up and down adjustment that is regulated by a direct-acting stainless steel screw, for increasing or decreasing the depth of the cut. The blade comes ready to use, but honing it to your liking will improve the cutting experience.

The solid bubinga front knob and rear handle provide a comfortable grip and is smooth to use.

All these make this plane the perfect tool for on the jobsite or in the workshop.



  • Plane body: Precision ground cast steel
  • Base (sole) size: 355mm length, 62mm width
  • Material of blade:M2
  • Hardness of blade: HRC62
  • Blade size: 3mm thick, 50mm wide
  • Degree of blade cutting edge:25°
  • Degree of blade with sole:12°
  • Material of lever cap:Chromed cast steel
  • Material of acting screw and lever cap screw: Stainless steel
  • Material of handle screw caps: Bronze
  • Material of handle: Bubinga (Rosewood)
  • Overall size: 550 x62 x135mm
  • Net weight: 2.65kgs
  • Packing dimensions: 435 x195 x90mm
  • Gross weight: 3kgs


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