Item# CPB Series CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Item# CPB Series CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Airtech Air Suspension System by KSport®. KSport offers air suspension kits ranging from no frills with manual paddle controls up through full digital control of each separate air spring. All provide ride height adjustment of 4.7 to 7.8 inches and include a 5-gallon reserve tank,



  • Whole steel welded structure with enough intensity and rigidity.
  • Mechanical torque synchro system controlled ram synchronization during the stroke, it’s steady and reliable. Ram stroke is adjusted within the cylinders.
  • Motor /manual adjusted Ram stroke and the back gauge, showing on counters.
  • Compact and reliable hydraulic system
  • High quality gear pump with low noise
  • Carbon steel dies with good rigidity and durable. Dies equipped high precision adjusting wedges.
  • World-class electrical components
  • Fully safety guard and emergency stop ensure the safety.
  • Touch screen controlled the back gauge at exact position.
  • Touch screen controlled ram stroke.
  • CNC system calculated the bending angle.
  • CNC system with alarming function, avoiding overload and damage.
  • Build the machines according to the demands of the market

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