Item# CVS26 Heavy Duty Dual Drum Sanding Machine

Item# CVS26 Heavy Duty Dual Drum Sanding Machine

  • CVS26 Heavy Duty Dual Drum Sanding Machine



Sanding capacity up to 660mm(26″) wide and 127mm(5″) thick with variable speed feed control and the economy of spiral-wrapped sandpaper rolls. This machine is designed for production environments, features industrial-quality conveyor belt and dual 127mm(5″) sanding drums. The rear sanding drum can be adjusted on both sides which provides dreamful sanding finish. Includes 2 dust ports to maximize dust collection, easy access to sanding drums, emergency stop for safety, solid steel construction, independent motor control, and massive power with a 2.2kw motor. With the variable-speed control on the conveyor, you can dial in the perfect finish you need for each job.



  • Heavy duty steel structure for high stability during the sanding
  • Powerful 2.2kw sanding motor
  • Variable speed conveyor (0.93 – 6.2 MPM)
  • Conveyor belt equipped with safety switch with removable key
  • Rear sanding drum height adjustment on both sides
  • Table moves up and down conveniently via a big handle
  • Dual V-belt driven sanding drums
  • Dual 100mm dust ports provides efficient dust removal
  • Magnetic switch
  • Easy access for sandpaper changes
  • Optional electronic table up and down
  • Optional digital readout of sanding thickness
  • Sanding motor: 2.2kw
  • Max. sanding width: 660mm (26″ )
  • Max. sanding thickness: 127mm
  • Min. sanding thickness: 6mm
  • Min. sanding length: 127mm
  • Drum diameter: 127mm
  • Drum speed: 1550rpm
  • Conveyor motor: 120w
  • Conveyor feed rate : variable speed, 0.93-6.2MPM
  • Dust port (2): 100mm
  • Magnetic switch: Yes
  • Machine weight: 223kgs
  • Shipping weight: 273kgs

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