Item# CX160 Anti-Rotation Separation Dust Collector

Item# CX160 Anti-Rotation Separation Dust Collector



Our CX-160 Anti-Rotation Separation Dust Collector is developed to separate dust particles from the dirty air, the unique ARS technology has high efficiency to separate and capture dust particles than anything else on the market today.

Unlike other existing bag or cyclone dust collectors on the market, the CX-160 uses the Anti-Rotation Separation Technology (ARS) to spin the dust air stream in high speed and use axial centrifugation to separate the dust from the dirty air then collect it in the dust bin hidden internally in the machine.

Over 90% of the 5-micron dust particles are separated and collected BEFORE getting to the pleated filter. This not only means much less cleaning of the filters, but that the airflow and static pressure will remain much more constant when operating. In addition, the air emission cleanliness level from the filter can reach unbeatable 0.05 mg/m3 and realize 99.97% filtration efficiency (using MERV17 HEPA filters). The entire system is aerodynamically optimized with extraordinary running efficiency, so it has low energy consumption (3kw) but unbeatable extraction performance.

Because of ARS technology and the completely internal working parts, the CX-160 runs much more quietly than existing cyclones or other bag dust collectors. The noise levels are between 62 and 72dB depending on which speed you run the machine. The variable speed control allows you to adjust the air flow to suit your needs.

The blower is positioned after filter which means no dust come in, so the blower totally has no risk of blocking. At the same time, the clean air provides much better cooling for the blower.

The CX-160 is dedicatedly designed for user’s convenience including automatic and manual impulse filter cleaning, intelligent linkage, filter performance monitor as well as intelligent dust-full monitor.

The large dust bin has built-in negative pressure absorption on full 5 sides for dust bag. The sturdy casters allow it to move as needed; the two dust bins are sealed when in use but then easily pull out for easy emptying (and you can use disposal bags to take out wood chips).

The CX-160 is a 220V machine which can run on 50Hz or 60 Hz and it uses industrial SIEMENS 3kw motor and SIEMENS V20 controller. It can handle two or three machines at a time. It applies in woodworking, plastic and stone processing, food and medicine industry as well as all kinds of grindings.



  • 90% separation efficiency of the 5-micron dust particles before filter
  • 99.97% filtration efficiency after filter (using MERV17 HEPA filters as standard)
  • 0.05 mg/m3 emission
  • Super low noise (62dbA)
  • Low energy consumption (2.2kw) and unbeatable extraction performance
  • Strong and constant static pressure
  • No risk of blocking and better motor cooling because of blower positioning behind the filter
  • Siemens V20 controller and Siemens 3kw/1ph industrial motor
  • Variable flow control
  • Intelligent linkage function
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • Filter performance monitor
  • Intelligent dust-full monitor
  • Larger dust collection bin (200 liters) with 5-side negative pressure absorption
  • 50 liters fine dust bin below HEPA filters
  • Built-in sturdy, industrial-grade casters for convenient movement
  • Power requirement: 220v/50hz(60hz)/1ph
  • Motor: 3kw, Siemens
  • Motor speed: 2400 – 4500 rpm, variable
  • Inverter: Siemens V20
  • Max. air flow: 2800m3/h
  • Max. air flow @ 6inch hose: 4600 Pa
  • Impeller size: 480mm
  • Main inlet size: 160mm
  • Filter emission rating: 0.05 mg/m³
  • Filter efficiency: 99.97% @0.3um (HEPA)
  • Filter surface area: 25 m2
  • Noise rating @3m: 62 – 72 dBA
  • Max. dust bin capacity: 200 liters
  • Fine dust bin capacity: 50 liters
  • Automatic filter cleaning: Yes
    Filter performance monitor: Yes
    Intelligent dust-full monitor: Yes
  • Intelligent linage: Yes
  • Overall dimensions: 1150 x800 x2050mm
  • Machine weight: 300kgs
  • Packing dimensions: 1350mm x950mm x2250mm
  • Shipping weight: 340kgs

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