Item# GJ07 Grinding Jig

Item# GJ07 Grinding Jig



The CHANSEN Grinding Jig GJ07 is used to produce razor sharp tools and finely finished bevels.

This Grinding Jig includes two bases in order to match two wheels’ grinders. By mounting one under each wheel, grinding jobs can be rapidly performed on either side of your grinder without re-positioning bases. Both bases are equipped with cam-lock clamping that makes the removal and installation of all attachments fast and convenient. The cam clamps all attachments rigidly into the base which eliminates all play.

This Grinding Jig comes with an adjustable angle sturdy platform that has a 76mm x 127mm working area. This platform can be used on both left and right sides of the grinder.

The GJ07 also comes with a vari-grind jig, fits for the bowl gauge up to 20mm dia. It will properly shape and maintain the edge on standard bowl gouge. The two additional holes can fix the appliance and increase the stability of operation. With a spring clamping washer and an adjustable button, the bowl gauge can be well clamped during the grinding.

The surfaces of all main components are powder coated for corrosion resistance and long service life.

Our GJ07 grinding jig is suitable for most woodturning tools, chisels, carving tools and so on.


Packing dimensions: 780 x185 x115mm

Weight: 4.7kgs

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