Item# GT32 32″ Sawmill with 15HP Gas Engine

Item# GT32 32″ Sawmill with 15HP Gas Engine

  • GT32 32


Chansen 32″ Sawmill GT32 is designed to saw wood boards (Max. 730 x720mm) and logs (Max. dia. 815mm), Max. cutting length 3.2m. It’s easy to operate, can be quick setup with a sturdy and reliable, 4m steel track with adjustable feet capable of leveling on just about any surface. Powerful 15HP gas engine provides strong power during the cutting.

Very solid construction with a robust saw head on sturdy 4-column saw carriage moves smoothly along the track on ball-bearing rollers.

The saw blade is easily adjusted in height and can be fixed with a lever.

Two adjustable work stops hold the log in place, while a manually adjusted workpiece clamp prevents movement during cuts.

The track is modular, allowing you to easily attach and level additional 2m long sections in order to mill practically any length of lumber you need.

GT32 is suitable for field working without electric power supply.

We also provide 7.5kw motor version for those who need electric power supply.



  • Easy to operate and fast working
  • Powered by 15HP gas engine
  • Max. lumber dia. 815mm (32″)
  • Very solid construction with a robust saw head on sturdy 4 columns
  • Modular track system for varying length requirements
  • Ball-bearing rollers provide smooth movement of saw carriage along track
  • Leveling feet for stabilizing saw mill on uneven ground surface
  • Belt driven transmission with clutch for superior power transfer between engine and machine, creates efficiency and allows for a smoother operation overall
  • Easy saw head hand-crank lifting mechanism that sits at waist height for effortless adjustability without bending over or being in awkward positions
  • Two adjustable log clamps to avoid any movement or defects while cutting
  • Onboard water reservoir with drip nozzle for blade lubrication and cooling
  • Manual feed saw head with forward and reverse movement gives the user total control cover the cutting process for maximum safety and desired outcome
  • Optional 2m track available for milling practically any length of lumber
  • 7.5kw motor version is available
  • Power: 15HP gas engine or 7.5kw motor
  • Saw wheel dia.: 480mm
  • Max. dia. of lumber: 815mm
  • size of square wooden beam: 730(W) x 720 (H) mm
  • Max. cutting thickness: 2mm
  • Saw blade size: 4013 x34 x0.9mm, 2TPI
  • Blade speed: 20m/s
  • Track length: 4m
  • Max. cutting length: 3.2m
  • Overall size: 5970 x2350 x2080mm
  • Machine weight: 383kgs
  • Packing dimensions: 2210 x645 x860mm
  • Shipping weight: 426kgs

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