Item# LC011 5/8″ M2 HSS Spindle Gouge

Item# LC011 5/8″ M2 HSS Spindle Gouge



Chansen LC011 5/8″ M2 HSS Spindle Gouge is a must necessary tool for every wood turner, ideal for making spindles. It’s well made for amazing turning experience, used to create coves, beads and other profiles on spindle projects.

The blade is made by M2 HSS after cryogenic treatment, feature an ultra-fine and hard martensitic structure, supported by fine carbides, providing additional wear resistance and edge holding capability of approximately 2 to 3 times that of regular M2 HSS.

The blade is coupled with stainless steel ferrules, along with solid and smooth beech handle. LC011 is supplied in an acrylic tube.

  • Blade size: 5/8″
  • Blade length: 250mm
  • Handle material: Solid beech
  • Handle length: 395mm
  • Overall length: 645mm

Packing size: 700 x45 x45mm

Weight: 0.7kgs


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