Item# PB10 Security Feeder

Item# PB10 Security Feeder



 This security feeder provides unbelievable gripping power and good design to make ripping on your table saw safer and easier than ever.

It gives three directions of forces: downward push that virtually eliminates kickback; inward push to keep stock firmly against the fence; and forward pull to help control and feed both sides of the stock for cleaner cuts.

The PB10 utilizes imported green grip material, a proprietary non-slip material that gives you superior gripping power over workpieces and materials from soft to hard woods and even aluminum and other materials. Treaded grooves provide increased friction on the workpiece even with sawdust.

Multiple adjustments make this feeder easier to use for different thickness workpieces. It applies on table saw, band saw, router, planer, jointer, etc…

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