Item# RG02 Roller Guide

Item# RG02 Roller Guide

  • RG02 Roller Guide

During the cutting, it’s always essential to have a device to hold the workpiece firmly. It will eliminate stock chattering, ensure cutting quality and most importantly protect your fingers from being hurt. Our RG02 roller guide features 2 guiding rollers to hold the workpiece during cutting. The rollers’ pressure can be adjusted independently by the 2 brass knurled screws. It can be mounted in 3/4inch (19.05mm) width T-slut or 3/8inch (9.5mm) width T-slut. The aluminum alloy roller guide is CNC-machined machined with anodized finish. Our RG02 is great versatile for different applications such as table saws, band saws, router table cutting and spindle moulders…


Packing size: 175 x155 x30mm

Weight: 0.4kg

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