Item# WA03 3-Pcs Small/Medium Woodturning Chisel Set

Item# WA03 3-Pcs Small/Medium Woodturning Chisel Set



Chansen WA03 3-Pcs Small/Medium Woodturning Chisel Set is a set for general purpose scraping work on small mini lathes, also can be used on full size lathes.

All three tools come with replaceable Tungsten Carbide cutters, installed on head of stainless steel shafts. The set also features stainless steel ferrules and solid, smooth beech handles, packed in a black storage box. All these make WA03 an awesome turning set.

They are easy to control during turning, and provides a great turning finish. The carbide tips have much longer life than normal HSS. Once one edge is dull, you just need to loosen the retaining screw then rotate to get a clean, sharp edge again. The cutters are convenient to replace even all four edges are dull, replace old one and install a new carbide cutter.

Overall length of each tool is 330mm. Stainless steel tool shaft is 110mm in length, smooth and solid beech handle is 220mm in length

Our WA03 is correct set for you from the basic turning tools.

The set includes:

  • Round Rougher with 12mm round carbide cutter
  • Finisher with 11mm flat square carbide cutter
  • Detailer with 28mm round-point diamond carbide cutter

Box size: 385x 140x 60mm

Weight: 0.9kgs

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