Item# MG57 Wheel Marking Gauge

Item# MG57 Wheel Marking Gauge


This marking gauge is one of the essential tools used for woodworking projects. Unlike other gauges that easily warp or break, this wheel marking gauge is built to last a lifetime, thanks to its solid brass & aluminum alloy body, stainless steel measure bar and hardened steel cutter. The sharp blade can easily create straight marks on wood. It delivers accurate markings and measurements. The adjustable stainless bar measures up to 120mm. The marking gauge wheel is fitted with a micro-adjustable fence with a brass nut, which will make it easier for you to take accurate measurements. Our MG57 is the exactly wheel marking gauge what you need.



  • Marking range: 0 – 120mm
  • Brass fence micro-adjustment: 0.2mm
  • Blade size: 12mm
  • Measure bar material: Stainless steel
  • Measure bar dia.: 8mm
  • Gauge body material: Aluminum alloy
  • Overall size: 217 x59.5 x59.5mm
  • Weight: 280g
  • Packing dimensions: 280 x110 x70mm

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