Item# SJ53 Sharpen Jig

Item# SJ53 Sharpen Jig


This SJ53 Sharpen Jig is used for any knives and wood chisels. It’s easily adjustable for any sharpening angle for achieving razor-sharp edge on your tools, so you never mess the edge of your chisels and planner blades ever again. Our Chisel Sharpening Jig is the perfect companion for a Whetstone or Sharpening Stone. The linear guideway provides smooth operation during the sharpening process. The aluminum alloy jig body and clamping parts are CNC machined, they are also anodized for wear-resistant, rust-proof and long life. Use this sharpen jig to keep your knife on the correct angle throughout the entire sharpening process, giving you improved control and help you to get perfect sharp tool again.


  • Kit material: Aluminum alloy
  • Kit surface treatment: Anodizing
  • Max. knife clamping width: 53mm
  • Sharpening stone length range: 162-220mm
  • Max. sharpening stone width: 80mm
  • Max. sharpening stone thickness: 34mm
  • Overall size: 330 x125 x86mm
  • Weight: 1.65kg

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