Item# NOVA Titan III HD 5.75″ Bowl Jaws (SKU 13040)

Item# NOVA Titan III HD 5.75″ Bowl Jaws (SKU 13040)

The SuperNOVA2 Wood Turning Chuck (Direct threaded M33) is a 4 Jaw self centering geared chuck, suitable for M33 x 3.5 lathes with up to 20″ swing. Packed with unique NOVA features such as Composite Indexing Back, Auto Stop, Copper composite Jaw Slides, Woodworm Screw, Comfortable T Bar Handle and 2″ Jaws as standard, the SuperNOVA2 Chuck is fully featured and one of the most popular on the market today. Powerful patented Tuff Lock gearing with precise, hardened action delivers incredibly smooth strength for a solid, vibration free performance – you’ll find yourself turning longer, more delicate stems and large, uneven and rough work that you couldn’t handle before can be turned with greater security. Takes the same accessory range as other NOVA Chucks. The SuperNOVA2 also comes in a insert/adapter version, for fitting to most lathe types.



  • NOVA Titan III HD 5.75″ Bowl Jaws (extra deep) for very large work
  • Titan III jaw Deep Grip Jaw Set
  • 3 Screw Hole Mount ONLY designed to fit Nova Titan III chuck
  • Huge 5-3/4″  Jaw designed for turning very large work
  • A great compliment to the 5″ Powergrip jaws that come with the Titan III chuck

Safety Advisory!

Only use authentic NOVA accessories on your NOVA chuck. Using non genuine NOVA and copies of accessories could lead to operation and safety issues and will void our market leading warranty. NOVA accessories are designed for use only on NOVA Chucks. Do not use on any other chuck.

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