Item# WA41 4Pcs Woodturning Tool Set

Item# WA41 4Pcs Woodturning Tool Set



Make your woodturning in easy way with this set of 4-Pcs woodturning tool set. Simple to use for all skill levels making woodturning fast and more enjoyable.

The set comes with 290mm beech handles and 4 different carbide cutters with CNC machined square stainless steel shafts, premium stainless steel will never rust and will last for years. It also features stainless steel ferrules and rubber grip helps reduce hand fatigue while turning.

The carbide cutters are perfect for doing the different works. They provide the unparalleled turning experience during your work that reduces strain and fatigue, improves productivity, and virtually eliminates sharpening. Each simple woodturning tool is engraved so you know exactly what tool you have. That makes finding replacement cutters very simple. And if the cutters eventually get dull, you just need to loosen the retaining screw and rotate cutter for a clean, sharp edge, then re-tighten the screw and back to turning again.

This set comes well protected in a sturdy and foam lined wooden case that will keep it safe for many years of use.

The set includes:

  • a woodturning rougher with 11mm square replaceable carbide cutter
  • a woodturning chamfering tool with 28mm diamond replaceable carbide cutter
  • a straight hollowing tool with 12mm dia. replaceable carbide cutter
  • a steep-angle swan-neck hollowing tool with 8.9mm dia. replaceable carbide cutter
  • a cutter driver
  • a beautiful wooden storage case
  • Multiple type – 4 different styles to meet all your woodturning work needing
  • The set includes 2 hollowing tools for quick and easy turning of bowls and vessels
  • These tools are designed to be kept flat on the tool rest and parallel with the floor
  • Stainless steel ferrules and tool shanks
  • Cutters are made by premium-quality carbide for long lasting turning
  • Rotate the cutters easily to a fresh, sharp edge when one side of the cutters are worn out
  • Comfortable beech handles 290mm long provide enjoyable woodturning experience
  • The comfortable rubber grip helps reduce hand fatigue while turning
  • Overall tool length 470mm
  • The set weights 1.95kgs
  • Comes with a beautiful wooden storage case
  • Wooden case size 495mm x190mm x55mm

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