Item# WC03 Cup Hollowing Wood Turning Chisel

Item# WC03 Cup Hollowing Wood Turning Chisel



A simple hollowing and slicing tool with affordable replacement cup cutter that can be easily sharpened with the Stem Sharpener.

The cup hollower can be used to cut small end grain goblets and vases cutting from the inside outwards, it cuts on its side with the bevel rubbing, slicing cleanly around the bottom curve of bowls.

Our cup hollowing wood turning chisel comes with a red sandalwood handle, #304 stainless steel chisel shaft and a HSS cutter, which provide the unparalleled turning experience during your work.


You can use it to do the final finishing cuts on bowls and only want to take the minimum amount of wood away especially when doing a nest of bowls.

It gives an excellent finish and is most effective with curly or burred grain.


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