Item# WC60 6-Pcs Collet Woodturning Tool Set

Item# WC60 6-Pcs Collet Woodturning Tool Set



This WA60 6-Pcs Woodturning Tool Set features stainless steel tool shafts, short and longer collect mount aluminum alloy handles with anodized finish, replaceable carbide cutters. This set is perfect for the serious wood turners who need nice woodturning tools and perfect turning performance. It’s also suitable for the starter or master turner and all stages in-between.

This set comes with 4 stainless steel shafts which well made by CNC machining center, the premium stainless steel will never rust and last for years. Each tool shaft is engraved so you know exactly what tool you have. That makes finding replacement cutters very simple.

The collet mount tool handle provides great convenience when the tool needs to be changed. The tool shaft is easy to swap out by simply unscrewing the knurled collet then insert the next tool. The set includes two interchangeable anodized aluminum handles; short one is suited for intricate detail work, and the longer one is suitable for stability when roughing out the workpiece or taking on more ambitious projects.

The set also features four different indexable carbide inserts which will always keep you turning with a sharp edge; once one of the edges dulls just rotate the carbide inserts to a fresh, sharp edge and keep on turning!

This beautiful set comes well protected in a sturdy, foam lined case that will keep it safe for many years of use.


Set includes:

  • One of stainless steel shaft with 11mm square-arc carbide cutter
  • One of stainless steel shaft with 11mm square carbide cutter
  • One of stainless steel shaft with 12mm round carbide cutter
  • One of stainless steel shaft with 28mm diamond carbide cutter
  • One of collect mount handle
  • One of interchangeable short handle
  • One of interchangeable longer handle
  • One of carbide cutter driver
  • One of aluminum frame box


  • Tool shaft material: Stainless steel
  • Straight tool shaft size: 10mm x10mm
  • Tool shaft length with cutter: 202 – 206mm
  • Carbide cutters (4): 11mm square, 11mm square-arc, 12mm round, 28mm diamond
  • Handle material: Anodized aluminum alloy
  • Collet mount handle with short interchangeable handle length: 262mm
  • Collet mount handle with longer interchangeable handle length: 370mm
  • Overall length (with short exchangeable handle): 442mm
  • Overall length (with longer exchangeable handle): 550mm
  • Aluminum frame box size: 310 x220 x65mm
  • Weight: 2.1kg
  • Carton box dimensions per set: 350 x250 x75mm
  • Gross weight: 2.3kgs
  • Qty in outer carton box: 8 sets

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