Item# Jorgensen Medium-Duty Bar Clamps

Our Unique Jorgensen E-Z HOLD bar clamps are some of our easier to use clamps and ideal for hobby, craft and model projects. They allow for rapid and easy clamping and can easily be converted to spreader clamps. The contoured comfort grip and quick-release lever make it simple to get a firm grasp, and our exclusive patented feature lets you join two clamps together to create a clamp with more than double the opening capacity of a single clamp. Deep-reach pads help protect your work.

Item#3325 PONY Three-Way Edging Clamp

When you need to repair molding, decorative trim, countertop edging, or veneer strips, trust the Pony three-way edging clamp. This cast-iron, orange-powder-coated clamp provides a convenient, practical method for applying right-angle pressure to the edge or side of any workpiece.

Item#88094 PONY Self-Squaring Frame Clamp

Pony’s self-squaring framing clamp is ideal for picture frame assembly. It clamps all four corners of a frame at the same time for consistent results. Reversible jaws allow for use with both small and large frames, from 5in x 7 in. to 26in x 30 in. Easily fold it up after you’re done for compact storage.

Item#3251/3252 PONY Adjust-A-Clamp Spring Clamp

Control exactly how much pressure you apply to your projects with the Pony adjust-a-clamp spring clamp. With the turn of a screwdriver, you can change the pressure between 1 and 50 pounds of clamping force for precise control in light-duty applications. Lightweight plastic jaws deliver comfortable yet durable use, and the soft, pivoting jaw pads easily hold irregular-shaped objects and protect workpieces.

Item#27091 PONY 4″ x7″ Woodwoker’s Vise

The standard Pony woodworker’s vise is fit for both light- and medium-duty applications, featuring double guide bars, continuous screw action, a solid steel dog, and countersunk jaw holes for wood-facing attachments.

Item#3201HT-3204HT Classic Pony Spring Clamp

When you need instant, easy application and removal, turn to the proven durability of classic Pony spring clamps. Throughout the clamp’s range of opening, the point of pressure always remains at the lightweight, zinc-plated steel jaw tips to ensure they’ll hold it together exactly where you need them. Available poly-vinyl protected handles and jaw tips mean you can use them on metal, wood, plastic, fabric, and beyond. And their contoured handles won’t dig into your hands.

Item#55 Pony Professional Pipe Clamp Fixture

The heavy-duty version of our original Pony pipe clamp fixture comes with a longer acme-threaded screw, a wider, taller stance, and a built-in clamp hanger for more demanding projects, including industrial applications. Mounts on any length 3/4 inch black threadedpipe. No tools required for assembly.Clamping face is 1-3/4 inches.

Item#52 Pony Pipe Clamp Fixture For 1/2″ Black Pipe

Create your own pipe clamp of various lengths with this PONY pipe clamp fixture. Mounts on any length 1/2 inch black pipe with both ends threaded. No tools required for assembly. Ideal for small and light-duty projects. Clamping face is 1-1/2 inches.

Item#56 Pony Deep-Reach Pipe Clamp Fixture

Create your own pipe clamp of various lengths with this PONY 2-1/2 inch deep-reach pipe clamp fixture. Reverse the heads to easily turn it into a spreader clamp. Ideal for use in tight quarters.Mounts on any length 3/4 inch black pipe with both ends threaded. No tools required for assembly.

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