Item# NOVA Viking DVR 16″ DVR Floor Type Drill Press (SKU 83707)

NOVA’s latest machine is a floor type 16″ Drill Press. The NOVA Viking is a 1HP, 100-3000 RPM electronic variable speed machine, with a large easy to read display and a variety of intelligent features to make your projects easier and safer. The built in LED lights, laser location makes it easy to see clearly and locate your center. The table can be tilted and rotated.

Item# NOVA VOYAGER DVR 18″ Variable Speed Drill Press (SKU 58000)

The world’s first smart drill press combines the best features of drill presses with state of art technology to make your project work more efficient, fun and safer. The NOVA Voyager DVR Drill Press is the most versatile drill press on the market, easily able to handle wood, metal, plastics and glass. It combines the proven technology with some great new features with intelligent Striatech ADAPTIVE CONTROL™ software that works for you to produce optimum conditions for your specific projects. The most innovative advancement since motors were first added to drill presses almost a century ago!

Item# NOVA Comet II MIDI Lathe With NOVA G3 Chuck As Standard

Portable, space saving – yet delivers the capacity and the rugged stability of larger lathes. With the NOVA’s unique Versaturn Accessories you can transform your NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe into an all-in-one woodturning and woodworking system. The NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe is perfect for a wide range of woodworking projects.

Item# NOVA SATURN DVR Lathe With NOVA G3 Chuck As Standard

Combines the best features of larger lathes – power, capacity and capability with state of art technology to make your turning more efficient, fun and safer. Saturn DVR is the most versatile lathe on the market, combining proven technology from its predecessor NOVA DVR XP with some great new features. Able to handle a wide range of work from very small pens to large 29”/740mm bowls and long spindles works (using optional Outrigger and Bed Extension accessories). Using the unique Striatech DVR technology, the direct drive motor is incredibly smooth with no pulleys or belts to vibrate.

Item# NOVA 1624 II Lathe With Nova G3 Chuck As Standard

Excellent entry level lathe that has enough versatility and power to give many years of turning. 8 speed range – features a low speed of 215 rpm essential for serious and safe large piece and bowl turning work. Steel and cast iron stand included as standard equipment. Full swivel head functionality and solid cast iron components complete the package. Available in 1-/4″x8TPI or M33x3.5mm thread. Includes 1.5HP AC motor, belt, stand, 2MT live center, 2MT spur/drive center, 3″ faceplate, 12″toolrest, manual and fastenings. Note: This unit replaces the older NOVA 1624 Lathe. All old accessories and parts are interchangeable.

Item# NOVA Chuck Accessory Universal Spanner (SKU 23079)

NOVA 23079 Universal Chuck Spanner Accessory is a handy NOVA Chuck Accessory. Fits all NOVA Chucks to quickly and easily loosen the chuck and chuck insert/adaptors from your lathe spindle. Features over 4 different NOVA specific functions in the one tool.

Item# NOVA Chuck Accessory 130mm (5″) Faceplate Ring (SKU 6002)

Designed to expand your range and capacity of your standard NOVA chuck for specific projects and applications. Fits to the NOVA JS130N 130mm (5″) Jaw Set to provide a strong and fast method for mounting of bowl blanks, offering a secure mounting of a faceplate with the quick convenience and power of a chuck. Strong mounting even with irregular sized wood and rough cut surfaces. Provides a better alternative to the wood worm screw which is only suitable for smaller bowls. Made from high tensile steel with screw hole positions. Comes with instructions.

Item# NOVA 35mm (1.375″) Spigot Jaw Set (SKU JS-SP35N)

For work where a long overhang is needed or hollowing into end grain, these 35mm Spigot Jaws provide superior gripping power. Special NOVA dovetail profile, designed to maximum strength and holding in wood turning, without crushing wood fibers. All NOVA Chuck accessory jaws are designed to hold in the expansion and contraction modes Same jaw fixing system across all Standard NOVA Chuck models (except Quick Change) – giving you maximum system interchangeability and flexibility.

Item# NOVA Chuck Accessory Soft Jaw Set (SKU 6021)

NOVA 6021 Soft Chuck Accessory Jaw Set an accessory for NOVA Chucks, designed to expand your range and capacity of your standard NOVA Chuck for specific projects and applications. Universally fits to any NOVA Chuck* for maximum flexibility, saving money as duplicate accessories are not needed for different NOVA Chucks. NOVA 6021 Soft Chuck Accessory Jaw Set is a unique set made from soft nylon that the user can cut, mold and customize to their requirements for special work holding. These provide markless holding – the nylon material holds most woods with marking. The thick jaw body provides flexibility of design. Comes with 4 jaw segments of soft nylon and instructions. Uses the same fasteners as supplied with your NOVA Chuck. *Some accessories such as larger jaws are only suitable for use on the larger NOVA Chucks, please check manual prior to use.

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