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This lathe combines the best features of larger lathes – power, capacity and capability with state-of-the-art technology to make your turning more efficient, fun and safer. Great for those who need all the workshop space they can get. The lathe can be configured with a compact footprint or using the bed extension (included as standard) the Orion can be made longer to suit longer projects as needed. The swivel head and articulated Outrigger Accessory, together with the flexible bed configuration, means that even when turning large bowls (29″), you are still turning in the same compact area. With no pulleys or belts to vibrate, the Award-Winning DVR Direct Drive Motor powered by STRIATECH is incredibly smooth and delivers intelligent control to your turning experience.

Item# NOVA Comet II MIDI Lathe With NOVA G3 Chuck As Standard

Portable, space saving – yet delivers the capacity and the rugged stability of larger lathes. With the NOVA’s unique Versaturn Accessories you can transform your NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe into an all-in-one woodturning and woodworking system. The NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe is perfect for a wide range of woodworking projects.

Item# NOVA SATURN DVR Lathe With NOVA G3 Chuck As Standard

Combines the best features of larger lathes – power, capacity and capability with state of art technology to make your turning more efficient, fun and safer. Saturn DVR is the most versatile lathe on the market, combining proven technology from its predecessor NOVA DVR XP with some great new features. Able to handle a wide range of work from very small pens to large 29”/740mm bowls and long spindles works (using optional Outrigger and Bed Extension accessories). Using the unique Striatech DVR technology, the direct drive motor is incredibly smooth with no pulleys or belts to vibrate.

Item# NOVA 1624 II Lathe With Nova G3 Chuck As Standard

Excellent entry level lathe that has enough versatility and power to give many years of turning. 8 speed range – features a low speed of 215 rpm essential for serious and safe large piece and bowl turning work. Steel and cast iron stand included as standard equipment. Full swivel head functionality and solid cast iron components complete the package. Available in 1-/4″x8TPI or M33x3.5mm thread. Includes 1.5HP AC motor, belt, stand, 2MT live center, 2MT spur/drive center, 3″ faceplate, 12″toolrest, manual and fastenings. Note: This unit replaces the older NOVA 1624 Lathe. All old accessories and parts are interchangeable.

Item# NOVA Outrigger Lathe Accessory – Black (SKU 55223)

NOVA Outrigger Accessory (Black) adds swing capacity in the outboard function for your NOVA Galaxi, DVR XP, 1624 and 1624 II Lathes. This optional accessory allows you to turn up to 29″ diameter platters and bowls in the outboard mode on your NOVA Galaxi, DVR XP, 1624 or 1624 II lathe. Made from solid cast iron, providing rigid strength and stability. Arms are easy to articulate and the camlocks make it fast and easy to move into position and lock. In the new black color specifically to match your NOVA Galaxi and NOVA 1624 II lathes, but will fit on the older lathe models as specified as well. If you want to match your older NOVA lathe to grey NOVA Accessories, see the SKU OR3000..

Item# NOVA Comet II Lathe Accessory Stand (SKU 47050)

The NOVA Comet II Stand Accessory provides a free standing platform for your NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe. It gives you a mobile and stable work support. Its rugged tubular steel design provides strength without adding a lot of unnecessary weight. The powder coated finish provides durability in all conditions. The specially designed V-legs allows more room under the lathe for maneuvering. The stand adjusts length wise and height wise for ultimate flexibility, adjusting from 6″ to 7-11/16″ wide on hole centers and 19-11/16″ to 31-7/8″ long on hole centers. The working height of the stand is adjustable from 24-1/2″ to 34-1/2″ with easy to use leveling feet.

Item# NOVA Bed Extension Lathe Accessory – Black (SKU 55224)

Adds between center capacity for your NOVA DVR 2024, DVR XP, 1624 and 1624 II Lathes. Each extension adds 20″ between center capacity. Add as many extensions as you require for your project. Easy to install. Made from solid cast iron with CAD designed webbing throughout, providing rigid strength and stability. In the new black color, with new decaling. Works best with the 1624 II lathe but can be used on lathe models mentioned above. Includes fastenings and instructions.

Item# NOVA Lathe Accessory Woodsurfer Bowl Rest – Fixed (SKU 9006)

NOVA 9006 Woodsurfer Bowl Rest is a unique curved toolrest to make bowl turning easier. Excellent for large bowls. With a 1″ shank for a super strong platform and solid cast iron for maximum strength. Ideal for use with the NOVA OR3000 Outrigger Accessory. Fits all NOVA lathes (excluding the NOVA 46000 Comet II Midi Lathe) and suitable for all lathes with a 1″ toolpost fitting.

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