woodturning chisels

Item# WP25 Woodturning Parting Tool

This WP25 woodturning parting tool is used to part off workpieces. The blade material is 65Mn steel after shot-blasting treatment, it has high rigidity which can keep a sharp edge much longer than other carbon steels. The aluminum alloy knurling handle provides wear-resistant, rust-proof and long life. The blade requires sharpening before first using!

Item# HT06 6-Piece HSS Hollowing Tool System

This complete hollowing set system is designed to handle multiple interior profiling requirements, will make your hollowing experiences easy, effective, and affordable. Complete system includes beautifully finished Ash handlebrass ferrule and blade, 6-piece Interchangeable HSS Cutters, hardened set screw, Allen wrench. 6-piece cutter profiles include 2x 5/8" round, 1x mushroom, 1x nose, 1x angle tip, 1x rounded side Overall tool length is 470mm long with 300mm handle and 170mm blade.

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