woodturning chisels

Item# HT06 6-Piece HSS Hollowing Tool System

This complete hollowing set system is designed to handle multiple interior profiling requirements, will make your hollowing experiences easy, effective, and affordable. Complete system includes beautifully finished Ash handlebrass ferrule and blade, 6-piece Interchangeable HSS Cutters, hardened set screw, Allen wrench. 6-piece cutter profiles include 2x 5/8" round, 1x mushroom, 1x nose, 1x angle tip, 1x rounded side Overall tool length is 470mm long with 300mm handle and 170mm blade.

Item# LC06-1 13mm HSS Bowl Gauge

This13mm(1/2") Bowl Gouge is a must in the tool kit of every bowl turner. This tool is ideal for shaping of bowls. It can produce either massive profiling cuts or delicate finishing cuts as necessary. Milled from solid round bar stock providing mass and stability. Made from high speed steal and then properly hardened and tempered. It will keep a sharpened edge about six times longer than carbon steel and resist "blued" softening from overheating during grinding or from heavy turning. Come with beautifully finished Ash handle and brass ferrule. Long length handle is 345mm long with tool being 170mm in length. Overall length is 575mm.

Item# 53280 28mm Woodturning Diamond Carbide Inserts Cutter

The diamond shape carbide insert cutter has been designed for the primary purpose of doing the small intricatework and cutting final details on your projects such as small coves and beads on both spindle and bowl work. They are also very handy for cutting chuck tenons and making inside reverse angle cuts for inside chucking bowls with dovetail jaws. You may find they work well for hogging your green wood projects too. when the cutter eventually dulls, just loosen the retaining screw and rotate cutter, then re-tighten the screw. Replace tip when necessary. This diamond carbide cutter, fits almost all woodturning tools in the market.

Item# 54120 12mm Woodturning Round Carbide Inserts Cutter

These solid carbide cutters were well sharpened and grinded, and can be rotated to give you a fresh edge in a few seconds. Use it with the Round Carbide Turning Tool to get smooth finishes on concave surfaces and hollowing jobs. They are replacements on almost all popular carbide woodturning tools or for their own woodturning tool designs.

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