Item# SCM8103 10″ Variable Speed Sharpener

Item# SCM8103 10″ Variable Speed Sharpener

  • SCM8103 10inch Variable Speed Sharpener


Chansen SCM8103 10″ Variable Speed Sharpener is very versatile and easy to use.

The 50mm wide, 220-grit grinding wheel is specially made for wet sharpening. The grinding wheel runs in a water bath to prevent residue buildup on the grinding wheel and keep tools cool while sharpening. The leather stropping wheel helps remove burrs and hones to a final razor edge.

The variable speed (90-160 RPM) gives you the ability to control sharpening and stropping at your preferred speed.

A universal tool-holding jig and angle guide are included to allow you to consistently put the right cutting angle on your tools.

Ideal for wood turners, woodworkers, and knife makers.

Optional accessories include Long Knife Jig, Short Knife Jig, Axe Jig and Scissors Jig.



  • Variable speed control from 90-160 RPM
  • 10″ 220-grit wet grinding wheel with 50mm width
  • 8″ Leather stropping wheel
  • Water bath keeps tools cool while sharpening
  • Forward and reverse
  • Lower noise design
  • Universal work support is suitable for multi-function sharpening jig
  • Include a universal jig and an angle guide
  • Voltage: 120v or 230v, single phase
  • Motor: 90w S1, 180w S2
  • Grinding wheel speed: 90 – 160 RPM
  • Grinding wheel size: 250 x50 x12mm
  • Grinding wheel grit: #220
  • Buffering wheel size: 200 x30 x12mm
  • Rotating directions: Forward & Reverse
  • Universal jig: Included
  • Grinding angle gauge: Included
  • Machine weight: 14 kgs
  • Overall size: 420 x320 x440mm
  • Packing dimensions: 450 x420 x390mm
  • Shipping weight: 15.5kgs

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