Item# TDS-75B Bench Grinder with Flexible Rotary Shaft and 100PCS Tool Kit Box

Item# TDS-75B Bench Grinder with Flexible Rotary Shaft and 100PCS Tool Kit Box

This powerful bench machine will shape, smooth, and deburr metal and also sharpen tools including pliers, screwdrivers, tweezers and more using the 80-grit grinding wheel. Also, the power tool includes a woolen wheel buffer that will remove paint, rust, and tarnish. The grinding wheel has a spark deflector, eye shield, and work hold. This machine includes a long flexible rotary shaft with handpiece. Meanwhile it comes with a 100PCS tool kit box as standard. All of these are suitable for converting this bench top tool into a unique multipurpose grinder, polisher and sanding tool. It’s exactly unit for buffing and polishing objects.



  • Perfect for deburring, grinding and polishing small parts (wood, plastic, glass, steel, brass, copper, jewelry and more)
  • Silence and maintain free induction motor
  • Permanently lubricated motor bearings for long service life
  • Eye safety shields provide good protection during working
  • Come with a Ø75mm 80-grit grinding wheel and a Ø75mm woolen wheel
  • Long flexible rotary shaft for additional cutting, grinding & polishing away from the unit
  • Includes 100PCS tool kit box containing flexible drive accessories for grinding, polishing and sanding
  • Compact design and easy to carry


  • Induction motor: 110v or 220v/1ph/50w
  • Motor speed: 2850rpm(50hz), 3450rpm(60hz)
  • Grinding wheel size: 75mm(D) x13mm(W)
  • Grinding wheel bore: 10mm
  • Woolen buffing wheel size: 75mm x17mm
  • Flexible rotary shaft: Yes
  • 100PCS tool kit box: Yes
  • Machine dimensions: 152mm x102mm x102mm
  • Packing size: 290mm x200mm x185mm
  • Shipping weight: 2.2kgs

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